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Despite the horrors of the world around him, Zane appears to be a very happy man, especially when in Shae’s company. He is a competent wizard.


Zane is from the nearby nation of Tenevoux. Not much else is known about his past.

He has said he came to the Empire as a traveler, but was soon contacted by Thomas Blackheart who offered him a large sum of money if he agreed to hunt magical artifacts alongside Farid Lokir. The two formed a sort of friendship while on this mission together.

During a mission to retrieve the Bones of Li-Peng from the lair of some ogres, Zane was captured by the party and became a part of the group before too long. Zane appeared to have crossed the group after they were arrested by Jonath Haleth, but then returned to bust them out of jail. Just as he was preparing to rescue the group, Tynisa Blackheart appeared and stabbed Zane in the back, taunting the party before fleeing back into the city.

Farid Lokir then appeared and was able to free the party, which led to Zane being healed.

After nearly giving his life at the Siege of Oswald’s Mansion, Zane has decided he is going to stay in the party’s new mansion for the time being.


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