Shrike Alborn (Duskwalker)



A level 6 Human Ninja. He is equipped with cloth armor ripped at the sleeves. He proudly wields a katana handed down by his elven master, then enchanted by the hands of Zane. In his other hand, he wields a deadly wakizashi. He is trained with a bow for long range combat.


An orphaned child raised by an Elven ninja clan leader, he was one of the lucky few humans to be taught by the Elves. Now grown and trained, he left the Elven islands to search for those who slaughtered his family clan or find any possible family who may have survived. But after hearing about the fallen alliance between the Gnolls and Goblins, Shrike saw interest and came to investigate, only to join the same party responsible for tearing alliance between the two races apart.

Shrike never has much to say outside of combat. His relations with the group is neutral and considers the members as allies rather then friends. The only quarrel Shrike had with the group was with Leeroy after the fall of Innsmarch, when Shrike deflected a spell Leeroy cast towards Shae to inflict death. Leeroy left the group and Shrike followed to bring him back. The two were absent for three days before Shrike met with the party again with a beaten Leeroy.

Recently, Shrike has fallen for the Empress of the Empress’ Canaries and hopes to further strengthen his relationship with her.

Shrike Alborn (Duskwalker)

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