Leeroy Dumont

"That will be 50 gold." *WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN*


A level 6 Human Cleric and the parties healer. He is equipped with the armor of the Empress’ Canaries and wields a mysterious double headed flail along with an enchanted steel shield.


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Leeroy was born into a high class family of Clerics. At only the age of 14, his father put him into a church of the Holy Trinity to be trained into a high class Cleric and continue the family heritage. Unfortunately, Leeroy’s short temper and laziness got him kicked out the age of 16. This disgusted his father, but he would not give up on his eldest son. Leeroy was then sent off to the military to work under the wing of another captain. In high hopes, Leeroy’s father was hoping Leeroy would finally be able to honor the family name, but once again, Leeroy’s temper got him into trouble. Leeroy once again tried to abandon his duties, but the military would not be so nice to Leeroy. It was only thanks to Leeroy’s father that he was not put to death, and instead, whipped 30 times and left out over night. If he survived, he was allowed to leave. It was after this, Leeroy admitted to his father that he did not want to be a Cleric and wanted to instead live a life of luxury with the family wealth. After hearing this, Leeroy was kicked out from the family and left to fend for himself out in the world. Leeroy’s younger brother Seth was then named the eldest son of the family. At the age of 24, Leeroy found himself a place to stay at Innsmarch and was recruited along with a human paladin, dragonborn fighter, and half orc monk.

Leeroy still carries a short temper and even tries to charge his fellow party members with healing fees. No one has yet to pay him. Leeroy dislikes most of the people in the party, but holds respect towards Isaac. The only true hatred his holds towards his party members are towards Shae and Shrike after the fall of Innsmarch, even going as far as to try and kill Shae after her grave mistake. After failing, Leeroy abandoned the party, but was followed and ‘convinced’ by Shrike to come back.

Things took a turn for Leeroy after meeting Revel in Lundus and the two got into a violent fight. It is thanks to this fist fight that Oswald was revealed to be some kind of demon lord. Revel insisted Leeroy joined the Empress’ Canaries and Leeroy accepted.

Once the party defeated Oswald, Leeroy investigated Oswald’s church and stumbled a mysterious book. Once opened, it was almost impossible to read, but Leeroy soon became obsessed with this book.

Leeroy Dumont

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