High Priest Oswald Viscari



He’s dead.


Oswald was once the resident High Priest of the Holy Trinity of Innsmarch. He has held that office for the past 64 years up. No one knows much about him aside from that. On the eve of the sacking of Innsmarch, Oswald is rumored to have summoned a legion of demons to invade the city, revealing himself to be a powerful demon lord.

When Innsmarch was sacked, he and his clergy ‘fled’ to Lundus. While there, he stayed inside their small chapel reading from his holy tome, which was revealed to be a demonic bible.

His life took a turn for the worse when the cleric known as Leeroy attacked Captain Jeremiah Revel. Oswald telekinetically threw Leeroy across the town for attacking Revel, though Revel did not approve of this action, so he tackled Oswald to the ground. Seeing their master under attack, his clergy, now shown to be demons, began attacking the townsfolk. Oswald fled to his mansion but was pursued by a force consisting of the Imperial Army, the Empress’ Canaries, the Ritteri Trinitarus, and the Eternal Sentinels. This force, led by Captain Jeremiah Revel and assisted by the PCs, managed to kill Oswald once and for all.

Rumored breakdown of the battle
-Farid Lokir, Jeremiah Revel, and a dozen Empress’ Canaries stormed Oswald’s room
-Over the course of a minute, nearly all the Canaries were slain
-Farid Lokir attempted to channel an immense amount of shadow magic to destroy Oswald
-Oswald dispelled the attempt and blew off Farid’s left arm
-The party arrived to assist, Revel handed Leeroy the Rosarum, a holy artifact, and told him to stab Oswald with it.
-The remaining Canaries charged Oswald, he cackled and killed them with a single spell
-Zane latched onto Oswald, giving Leeroy an opening to stab him
-Isaac, noticing that Oswald needed to use his hands to cast spells, grabbed hold of Oswald’s arms
-Leeroy then flew 30 ft into the air and plunged the Rosarum into Oswald who exploded into black tar

High Priest Oswald Viscari

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