Shae + Zane, sitting in a rope trick, *-*-*-*-i-n-g *WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN*


Her family is unknown but Shae is assumed an orphan. Shae is beautiful, intelligent and dedicated to her Paladin calling. She is awaiting her chance to kill Captain of the Guard Jonath Haleth for his betrayal that lead her to murder the govener’s son.


Shae knows nothing about her family, being found wandering the streets as a very young girl. Even then her beauty was unmistakable. She was raised by the church and taught to have unquestioning trust in those of rank, both in politics and in faith.

After her roll in the fall of Innsmarch Shae has lost faith in herself and others. With Zane’s help she is slowly returning to herself, though she is unsure of who she now is.

The only faith she has left is in Zane and their love for each other. The time away from Zane and the mansion is laying heavy on her soul and all she wants is to return to him safely.

Though recent remarks regarding Zane’s injury at the fall of Innsmarch are causing others to question him, Shae refuses to doubt, unsure of what another betrayal will do.


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