Tynisa Blackheart

Crazy Sister Of Thomas Blackheart *DEAD*


Not much is known about the Blackheart twins except for the story everyone has heard many times.

A few provinces over, there was a wealthy nobleman by the name of Kristoph Blueheart. He was a very and powerful man. He also had two children, a son, Thomas, and a daughter, Tynisa.

He did very bad things to Thomas and Tynisa for many many years. Things so bad he killed his wife after she found out.

Thomas and Tynisa didn’t like that. One day while daddy was savaging Thomas, Tynisa, the older sibling, snapped, and snapped in a big way. She grabbed a butcher’s knife from the kitchen and launched at her father, hacking away at him until nothing but a puddle of gore remained.

The story states that a few days after Kristoph Blueheart was killed, the Blueheart mansion disappeared into a sort of portal. Two years later, Tynisa and Thomas returned, and single(well, double)handedly slaughtered everyone in the town.

Some say it was because they blamed the citizens for the terrible things that happened to them, others say it was because the two siblings were possessed by demons.

Recently, Tynisa taunted the heroes while they sat in the Innsmarch prison and went on to unsuccessfully kill Zane and Fiona, though she unfortunately did manage to kill many others.

She was finally killed at the hands of the heroes after being cornered in Innsmarch’s main church.

Tynisa Blackheart

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