Sir Isaac Daloro

Knight of Bahumet.


Level 6 Dragonborn Fighter. He dons full-plate armor with his knighthood’s insignia on his gloves. He currently wields the Wyrdlight tribe’s greatsword and a possessed shield of Bahumet.


(All information is what is or at least should be known by the party)

An Estelian knight to an order dedicated to killing monsters in the name of the dragon god Bahumet as well as the holy trinity. Every so often, one knight takes the form of the enemy itself to better turn the tide to humanity’s favor. A Dragonborn.

Isaac is one of the more recent knights to become the Dragonborn and is currently travelling the land to train for some monster slaying. He obsesses with slaying evil monsters, despite if they’re not even a threat at the time, as long as he can eliminate the threat. That however, get’s a bit grounded once Innsmarch falls. Since then, he’s stuck with his new allies to help take care of the new demon menace.

To his recent discovery, the party had come across the lizardfolk Wyrdlight tribe and almost instantly, fell for the shaman’s daughter, Shimmer. Having won her father’s favor (Probably on accident) and her heart, he’s now off to continue his quest and one day slay the Defiler as the lizardfolk claim he is destined to do.

That is, if he’s really the chosen Dragonborn.

Sir Isaac Daloro

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