Daughter of Hist, Seeress, Lvl 5 Ranger


Shimmer often wears jewelry, a few bits of armor, and has an ornate Elven shortbow across her back.


Shimmer is the 19 year old daughter of Hist, the Shaman and leader of the Wyrdlight Lizardfolk tribe.

Shimmer has always had an extremely close relationship with her father, for her mother was killed by the Defiler when Shimmer was young. Ever since she was a hatchling, Shimmer has been more interested in exploring the woods than communing with them. Because of this fact, Hist has been reluctant to teach her the ways of the seer and the shaman. He believes Shimmer will find her way eventually.

Shimmer has recently fallen in love with Isaac and believes that he is chosen to slay the Defiler once and for all.


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