Shaman Hist

Leader of the Wyrdlight Lizardfolk


Hist is over 100 years old.

Hist, like his father before him, is the leader and head Shaman of the Wyrdlight Lizardfolk tribe. Hist is the first of his people to attempt peaceful negotiation with the humans of Tatro. That’s to his talks with the humans, his tribe enjoys newfound wealth and a higher quality of life in exchange for allowing the humans to pass peacefully through his forest.

As part of this agreement, the Wyrdlight tribe are also considered citizens of the Empire of Krinesrike and can be called upon to protect her holdings in the province of Innsmarch if need be.

Hist suffered a fatal wound from the now deceased Scalescar Chieftain Si’Thak, but was healed by Leeroy.

Shaman Hist

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