Sampson Grune

"Ohhhhh crap. You guys are absolutely insane."


Age: 26
Height: Average
Weight: Slightly over


Sampson is, or was, a halberdier in the Imperial Army of Krinesrike. While he has received standard military training and could hold his own against a few kobolds or goblins, Sampson has lucked his way through life for the most part.

He has never actually been put on the frontlines in any major conflict he has participated in, as he seems to always be put on guard duty or supply convoy security detail.

Recently, Sampson had been ordered to act as security for the heroes’ mansion. When the heroes returned to the mansion after having fled High Scintar Marshall Vint’s men and the threat of execution, Sampson opted to leave the Empire and join the heroes on…whatever…quest they’re on? He’s really not sure what he’s doing at this point.

Sampson has a mother and father, an older sibling, a wife(Bettina), and two daughters(Gurda age 5 and Hannah age 7).

Sampson Grune

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