Raven Fell Wizard

Why Are All Wizards Perverted? *DEAD...?*


The man known as the wizard of Raven Fell Tower is quite possibly over 300 years old.

After Antellus Magroth was killed, the majority of his undead army ‘died’ with him. However, in some areas of immense necromantic power, some of his undead followers still linger.

Such is the case with Raven Fell, a patch of land southwest of Innsmarch. It is about 10 miles of desecrated land that allows undead to remain animated without a master. The wizard of Raven Fell dedicated over 300 years of his life to keeping these undead at bay and would prevent excursions into the province of Innsmarch almost daily.

Thanks to the heroes, who smashed the Animus Crystal controlling them, the undead of the dead scar will never venture into the province ever again. They are forever doomed to wander that ten-mile stretch for all eternity, or until someone puts them to the sword.

Recently the Raven Fell Wizard was asked by Empress Anvalla to disable the protective shield surrounding Innsmarch. He succeeded, but the strain of the event led to his death.

It is currently unknown whether or not he still lives.

He also controls a large force of undead known as ‘Blearghlings’. They are cute but quite annoying.

Raven Fell Wizard

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