Knight-Captain Bruno Spentzer

Captain of the Empress' Royal Guard


Bruno Spentzer had wanted to be in the Empire’s royal guard since he was a boy. The eldest sibling of four, he trained everyday with his grandfather’s prized zweihander. One day on their way home from a summer festival, Bruno and his family were attacked by a pack of Dire Wolves. The beasts slew his father before he could draw his sword, and his mother before she drew hers. If not for the vigorous training regime Bruno set upon, his entire family would have been eaten. He managed to drive the beasts back and three years later at the age of 19, he was inducted into the royal guard. Four years later after thwarting an assassination attempt in which the Dwarves of Fargris were suspected, he was promoted to Knight-Captain, leader of the royal guard.

His three younger siblings live in the capital.

It is rumored that he and Empress Anvalla are in a relationship.

Knight-Captain Bruno Spentzer

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