High Warpriest Crosius Vim

Get Out Of My Head!


Many clerics choose the way of the pacifist, preferring to focus on the art of healing than of war.

Crosius Vim sleeps with all of those cleric’s mothers.

Not really.

Crosius Vim understands that while healing is important, many would be clerics have trouble letting go of the hate and anger inside of them. Vim trains disciples in the way of the Warpriest, a subset of clerics who choose to become the sword of the people, rather than the shield.

He trained Leeroy Dumont before Leeroy deserted the military.

The why and how are still a mystery, but Crosius Vim seemed to have been corrupted by the now dead Jonath Haleth. Jonath commanded Crosius to heal him while he attempted to kill the heroes. Crosius was incapacitated by the group and resuscitated by the Imperial Army. His current condition is stable, yet he still feels a strange presence in his head.

High Warpriest Crosius Vim

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