Guard Captain Jonath Haleth

Traitor and Betrayer *DEAD*


A man in his mid-50’s, Jonath still looks as if he could wrestle a bear, that bear’s mother, and that bear’s mother’s five best friends.

He always seems to have a friendly look upon his face.


20 years ago, Jonath Haleth was an ordinary soldier in the Imperial Army until the day he was field promoted to Sergeant thanks to a stray cannonball. He led a unit of 24 halbierders into the flank of the Tenevoux army, winning the Battle of Yellow Fields, a major battle between the nation of Tenevoux and the Empire of Krinesrike.

After this, he rose through the ranks of the Imperial Army until he was finally offered the position of Guard Captain at the town of Innsmarch. Despite his men protesting, Jonath happily took the position, as he would finally be out of harm’s way.

Jonath appeared to have retired from his bloody work, but is almost solely responsible for the Fall of Innsmarch. He deceived the player characters and convinced them to assassinate the governor of Innsmarch’s son just as he had found a lead on Thomas Blackheart, leader of the Blackheart gang. The death of the Governor’s son and the subsequent jailing of the party set into motion The Fall.

According to Imperial rumors, it is said Jonath Haleth is assisting the resistance in Innsmarch, possibly as a spy.

Guard Captain Jonath Haleth

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