Farid Lokir

Fancy as Hell *DEAD?*


Farid is often mistaken for a woman thanks to his long hair and feminine features. However, his characteristic baritone voice often stops people before they jump to that conclusion.

When Farid is angered or in battle, his eyes glow red.


Records on this man seem to be non-existent.

The only piece of information known is that the Lokir ‘family’ has been serving as the Church of the Holy Trinity’s personal assassins for the past 500 years. However, any portraits of representatives of this family seem to look nearly identical to Farid.

Farid appears to have mastery over shadow magic and is able to summon magical darkness as well as a pair of ravenous Shadow Mastiffs with a single word.

For one reason or another, Farid worked with the Blackheart Gang alongside Zane searching for magical artifacts. After Farid freed the party from jail, he allowed them to use his mansion outside of Lundus. While there, he seemed to take a strange liking to both Milton and Krista, as well as Elise.

Farid was present at the Siege of Oswald’s Mansion. He helped defend the second magical cannon alongside Isaac and the Eternal Sentinel known as Elise. Farid also joined Captain Jeremiah Revel and a small squad of Empress’ Canaries as they tried to confront Oswald inside of his mansion.

Farid Lokir played a minor role throughout the Siege of Innsmarch and preferred to sit on the sidelines spectating. However, when High Scintar Marshall Vint appeared and demanded the death of the Heroes, he and Jeremiah Revel stood between the heroes and their assailants while they escaped.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Farid Lokir

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