Empress Kamila Anvalla

Not A Damsel In Distress


Age: 25
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5’10


Kamila Anvalla was no ordinary little girl. While her two sisters spent most of their childhood fantasizing about knights from a foreign land whisking them off on the backs of golden dragons, Kamila preferred the companionship of her brother and father.

From a young age she took great interest in the affairs of the Empire, especially when it came to the military. By the time Kamila turned 15, she had already participated in almost a dozen small skirmishes with the armies of Tenevoux. At the age of 19, she was almost murdered along with her older brother and father at the hands of a highly trained Dwarven assassination squad, but was rescued by the current captain of the Imperial Royal Guard, Bruno Spentzer. Two weeks later after a visit from the Grand Psychopomp Kamila Anvalla was crowned Empress of Krinesrike.

She is well-liked by the people of Krinesrike for the most part, however there are those who believe that the aggression toward Tenevoux that has continued during her reign is unnecessary.

The Grand Psychopomp maintains a steady line of communication with the Empress, and has ever since she lost her father.

The Empress has recently dispatched a division of the Imperial Army to deal with the crisis in Innsmarch. She is leading this force herself.

She was killed and her body nearly destroyed at the hands of the now defunct Scalescar Lizardfolk Tribe and the two Empress’ Canaries’ defectors Anson Hiviek and Philip Brugess.

The Empress is alive and well again.

Empress Kamila Anvalla

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