Anson Hiviek and Philip Brugess

Anstein and Brough *DEAD*


Anson Hiviek and Philip Brugess both wear the armor of the Empress’ Canaries.

Anson wields a scimitar and shield and is quick on his feet while Philip wields a longspear and prefers to throw himself into the fray, stabbing wildly.

Anson was a man of philosophical thoughts and ideals, while Philip simply wanted to kill people.


Anson Hiviek was a star pupil of Jeremiah Revel’s and a close friend. They would often share meals together and it seems as if Anson was one of the only people able to make Revel smile or laugh. Unfortunately, Anson’s view of the gods and the world around him led him to the Blackheart gang, where he and Philip were involved in an almost successful plot to assassinate the Empress of Krinesrike. He met his end at the hands of the party, falling from Shrike’s blade.

Philip Brugess on the other hand was a cruel fellow who was forced to join the Canaries after a judge ruled it to be punishment for murdering his own father. Philip made no friends in the Canaries and it is rumored that he may be directly involved in many of their deaths, though most were ruled accidental. Philip jumped at the chance to assassinate ‘that bitch of an empress’ as he referred to her. Philip was put down alongside Anson Hiviek, also falling from Shrike’s blade.

Anson Hiviek and Philip Brugess

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